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A Level Subjects

In Sixth Form at The Lady Elizabeth School there are a wide variety of subjects to choose from including: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, Applied ICT, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Photography, Marine Science, English Literature, English Language, French, German, Spanish, Performing Arts, Global Perspectives and Art. This gives each individual student the opportunity to reach the highest academic level in their chosen studies.

English is the official language at The Lady Elizabeth School. Sixth Form studies are complemented by the Spanish Curriculum with the following subjects taught in preparation for the ‘Fase Voluntaria de la PAU (Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad)’: Matemáticas, Matemáticas Aplicadas a las Ciencias Sociales, Física, Química, Biología, Geografía, Historia del Arte, Economía de la empresa (posiblemente), Lengua castellana y literatura y Valenciano.

Entrance to 6th Form

Students should have achieved at least 5 GCSE passes, grade C, (new grade 4 or 5), or above, to start 6th Form studies. AS and A Level subjects are highly academic and very demanding. Many subject teachers will make further recommendations regarding specific GCSE subjects and require B grades or higher. Our aim is to make sure students choose the right programme to ensure success and achieve the A Level grades necessary for the future.

Choosing A – Level Subjects

Some careers require specific A-levels for entrance to university courses. To see these in the UK go to the UCAS site and follow the link to Course Search. Here you can see the course-specific requirements at every university and even see the grades expected for the coming year.


An increasing number of courses are taught in English outside the UK in countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, here in Spain and beyond. There is a lot of information about these on the internet but the following source is particularly good:


For students who are not sure what they want to study, there is excellent advice available from the Russell Group of Universities at:


The most important piece of advice is to choose subjects that you enjoy as these are the ones in which you have most chance of success.

The number of A – Levels studied varies according to each individual. It is usual to begin with four subjects and leave the Vl form with 3 A – Levels plus an AS level. However, this needs to be discussed on an individual basis.

Vl Form Blocks

For timetabling purposes A-Level subjects are put into blocks. You cannot study two subjects from the same block as they will be timetabled simultaneously. The blocks are changed every year in an attempt to accommodate as many students as possible with their first choices. Regrettably we cannot satisfy everyone. After the February Half Term, we usually ask Year 11 pupils, both at The Lady Elizabeth School and from other schools, to let us have their preliminary choices so we can programme the subjects for the next academic year accordingly.

Below are a list of the subjects on offer. For more information click on the individual subjects tabs listed below :

British Curriculum

Graphic Communication
Business Studies Year 12
Business Studies Year 13
Business Studies LES Link
Economics Year 12
English as a Foreign Language
English Language
English Literature
Further Mathematics
Marine Science
Performing Arts Year 13
Spanish MFL

For Spanish Section Subjects please click on the following links:

Year 12

Geografía Year 12
Historia del Arte Year 12
Biología Year 12
Lengua Year 12
Valenciano Year 12

Year 13

Geografía Year 13
Historia del Arte Year 13
Biología Year 13
Lengua Year 13
Literatura Year 13
Valenciano Year 13

For information regarding University Applications for International Students in Spain please click on the following link:


To view some of the University Placements from 2018 click on the following link:

University Placements