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Primary School Clubs

Plus Clubs 2019/2020 – First Term

Plus Clubs run every afternoon at the Primary School. There are a number of fun activities for the children to choose from, including Karate, Swimming, Tennis, Cooking, Spanish and many more. All classes are conveniently scheduled at the end of the normal school day in the school facilities. The Plus Club teachers are both professional and highly motivated, placing the emphasis on enjoyment!

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Mrs Spencer

Mrs Spencer would love to see you at her Lego Club on Monday! The benefits of working with Lego are numerous and it’s also great fun! Playing with Lego will help to develop your child’s fine motor skills as well as support communication and co-operation. Your child will have opportunities to improve their creativity and their mathematical and problem solving skills. The club is suitable for all ages as different sizes of blocks are available. The club takes place in a safe classroom environment and the children are encouraged to work together to be as creative as they can be!


Elliot Morton

The mission of Washinkai Karate is to promote partnerships between students and instructors and to provide opportunity to achieve full potential in the study of karate-do. The club is available to all children from Foundation 2. A student who is awarded a belt under Washinkai Karate will find that their grading is recognised throughout Spain, the UK and Europe and that their Black Belt grading is recognised Worldwide by the World Karate Federation.


Miss Henaghan and Sr.Rodriguez

Swimming allows children from all years to progress further with their confidence and stroke development in the water. We use the Swim England Duckling and Learn to Swim stages (1 to 7) to help develop each child ready for competitive swimming. In addition, there will be lots of fun games and confidence building techniques.

Dancing Fun

Mrs Donaldson

Come and join our dancing fun! Mrs Donaldson is always full of energy and will keep children busy, active and having lots of fun dancing in her class. Come join the party!

Monday Madness

Lots of fun to be had on a Monday. The children have free play where they are able to play with anything they like, such as: ball games, painting, water play and ‘playing’ in the home corner in the classroom.

Harry Potter Craft Club

Each week the children will enhance their love of Harry Potter by making objects which tie in with the chapters of ‘The Philospher’s Stone’.  The children will be encouraged to read the book at home and will be guided as to which chapters will most suit the following week’s activity to make this a truly spellbinding experience.

Beginner Spanish

Students who have just arrived at our school and have no relationship with Spanish is a good opportunity to bring them to the language in a fun way with games, songs and different playful formats where they will be able to pleasantly interfere in the Spanish language.

Freaky Friday Science Club

Our interactive, one-hour after school science club will bridge in-school and out-of-school learning through a fun-packed lesson of hands-on experiments.  Our fantastic demonstrations and activities will be themed around topics covered in school where children can develop their scientific inquiry skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.  Start the new term with a bang!

Healthy Spanish Cooking

Traditional Spanish cooking but with the added bonus of no sugar. Children will learn how to make these recipes from scratch and take them home for a nice tasty treat.

Friday Fun

At the end of the week we have so much fun in Friday Fun Club. The children have free play where they are able to play with anything they like, such as: ball games, painting, water play and ‘playing’ in the home corner in the classroom

Chess Club

Come along and learn how to play chess. This is a game played on a chessboard by two people who maneuver sixteen pieces each according to rules governing movement of the six kinds of pieces (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen, king), the object being to bring the opponent’s king into checkmate. For those who already play, play your peers and strengthen your tactics.

Me, Myself & I

Year 5 and 6 pupils will have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking, practical and fun activities which will focus on self-confidence, building resilience and celebrating each pupil’s unique qualities. Pupils will be guided through personal growth based exercises, where each session will inspire pupils to think about who they are and what they aspire to be. We’ll explore what pupils want to do in the future and what things are most important to them. Laura Alexander, creator of Selfhood for Schools (www.selfhoodforschools.com) will work closely with pupils in a supportive, nurturing and friendly environment.


Drama club is an excellent way for young learners to develop vital skills in communication, self -confidence and creativity. Drama games and improvisation teach them to trust their ideas and abilities; becoming other characters develops a sense of empathy and tolerance of others and cooperation is developed through working with others towards performances.

LAMDA examinations are also offered twice a year to measure progress in performance and communication skills. There will be a cost for this examination should your child wish to take part.


We have a fantastic time in cooking. Our little chef´s make anything from pizzas, chocolate rice crispy cakes, to pancakes and many more recipes. At the end of the class everyone enjoys feasting on what they have made.

Writing & Film Club

Do you enjoy watching movies? Did you know that most movies actually stem from books, which are then turned into scripts and eventually become the next blockbuster that we can´t wait to watch! Come and join Film and Writing club where we will watch movies, write reviews, write our own scripts and make our own movies.

Traditional Spanish Dancing

Lots of movement and fun with our professional Spanish dancer. Dances such as Flamenco, Sevillanas, Rumba, Salsa and many more. Be taught by the best and also a great opportunity to improve Spanish language in a fun environment.

Spanish Homework

During this term, on Wednesday afternoons, students in the Spanish Section will have the opportunity to do their Spanish homework in a much more relaxed, happy and fun environment. They will be able to carry out the activities and the daily reading corresponding to that day, interacting with other children of different ages and sharing their experiences and how they are improving and getting better day by day.


This program is designed for young players to learn the basics and work on hand-eye coordination in tennis. They will enjoy learning in a fun environment. No extra equipment is required.


This is an Afro-Brazilian Martial art that consists of kicks, coordinated movements and acrobatics. It is a beautiful martial art and an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Lots of fun and games to be played.