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Primary School Clubs

Plus Clubs 2019/2020 – Second Term

Plus Clubs run every afternoon at the Primary School. There are a number of fun activities for the children to choose from, including Karate, Swimming, Tennis, Spanish and many more. All classes are conveniently scheduled at the end of the normal school day in the school facilities. The Plus Club teachers are both professional and highly motivated, placing the emphasis on enjoyment!

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For a description of each Plus Club click on the title below:

Mindful Monday (Y1-Y6)

Mrs Spencer

Lego Club is changing and Monday´s will become more Mindful! In order to provide an environment where children feel calm after their first day at school, there will now be a variety of activities on offer to help the children relax and unwind. We will be doing some gentle yoga exercises and we will have some lovely colouring and drawing materials too. We will also have jigsaws and other “mindful” relaxing activities. Lego will, of course, still be available! Come along and chill!

Monday Madness (PreN2 - F2)

Miss Hadley

Lots of fun to be had on a Monday. The children have free play where they are able to play with anything they like, such as: ball games, painting, water play and ‘playing’ in the home corner in the classroom.

Karate (F2 to Y2 Monday and Y3-Y6 Wednesday)

Elliot Morton

Cost €77 plus exam fees

The mission of Washinkai Karate is to promote partnerships between students and instructors and to provide opportunity to achieve full potential in the study of karate-do. The club is available to all children from Foundation 2. A student who is awarded a belt under Washinkai Karate will find that their grading is recognised throughout Spain, the UK and Europe and that their Black Belt grading is recognised Worldwide by the World Karate Federation.


Miss Henaghan and Sr.Rodriguez

Swimming allows children from all years to progress further with their confidence and stroke development in the water. We use the Swim England Duckling and Learn to Swim stages (1 to 7) to help develop each child ready for competitive swimming. In addition, there will be lots of fun games and confidence building techniques.

Harry Potter Crafts club (Year 1 and 2 Tuesday and Y3 to Y6 Monday)

Mrs Letchford

Each week the children will enhance their love of Harry Potter by making objects which tie in with the chapters of ‘The Philospher’s Stone’ (This is a repeat from the previous term for those who missed out).  The children will be encouraged to read the book at home and will be guided as to which chapters will most suit the following week’s activity to make this a truly spellbinding experience.

Art Club (Y3 to Y6) Tuesday

Mrs Storm

If you enjoy being creative and want to find out more about different artists and different types of art, this is the club for you! We will be using different materials and techniques to create our very own masterpieces.

Spanish Drama (Y3 to Y6)

Sra. Almorox

If you like to perform, sing and dance, come along and join in the fun!  Show us your talents whilst practising your Spanish and WOW us with your amazing drama skills!

Traditional Spanish Dancing (Y2 to Y6)

Sra. Esquiva

Lots of movement and fun with our professional Spanish dancer. Dances such as Flamenco, Sevillanas, Rumba, Salsa and many more. Be taught by the best and also a great opportunity to improve Spanish language in a fun environment.

Active spelling (Y3 to Y6)

Mrs Letchford

Get better at spelling by using a range of fun, colourful and interactive methods to practise your spelling homework.  Just bring your spelling list with you, choose your activity and let the learning begin!

Eco Warriors (Y3 to Y6)

Jasmine Logan (Year 12 Student)

This club is ran by our Year 12 student Jasmine Logan and is a fun and educational Eco-Club for all ages! Nowadays it is extremely important to empower today’s youth about conservation, sustainability and raise environmental awareness. In this club kids will participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. We will be our schools Eco Warriors! Come join us on Wednesdays after school and let’s make a difference!

Musical Theatre (Y2 to Y6)

Mrs Davidson and Mrs Donald

Calling all actors and actresses, singers and dancers! A brand new club is coming to LES! We will be performing songs and scenes from different musicals to get ready to showcase our talents in ´A Night at The Musicals´ in the Summer Term. Get your dancing shoes and your singing voices and join Mrs Davidson and Mrs Donald for a fun, marvellous, musical extravaganza. This club will be available for all girls and boys from Year 2 to Year 6.


Mrs Millington

LAMDA examinations are offered twice a year to measure progress in performance and communication skills. There will be a cost for this examination should your child wish to take part. This club aims to prepare children for these exams.

Beginners Spanish (F1 to Y2)

Sra. Aliaga

For new students and those who struggle with basic Spanish, this club is a good opportunity for them to learn the language in a fun way with games, songs and different playful formats.

Encouragement and Reading in Spanish (Y1 to Y4)

Sra. Buche

This club aims to help children enjoy their Spanish learning. We will work on reading comprehension, fluency and speed reading throughout Glifing, and an amazing reading training system.

We will aim to:

  • To develop reading habit
  • To discover a wide variety of books and their possibilities
  • To learn by reading: to experience other worlds through tales
  • To promote sensitiveness and affectivity
  • To promote positive values (solidarity, love for nature, respect to others…)
  • To share reading experiences and have the opportunity to demonstrate your feelings.
  • To identify authors, titles, characters, illustrators…

Spanish Drawing (KS2)

Sra. Bolufer

This club is for our budding artists to practice their drawing skills. This will be taught solely in Spanish. Sra. Bolufer will be using different drawing and painting techniques throughout the term.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic in Spanish

(Costs €151.25)

This is a club for children aged between 5 and 11 years old in which they will learn how to calculate whilst having fun in Spanish. In  Aloha Mental Arithmetic we use abacus to work on mathematics, not only to improve mental agility but to face mental challenges, intelligence games. We will be developing very important skills such as concentration, logical thinking, spatial awareness, creativity, listening skills and photographic memory. Aloha Mental Arithmetic has the endorsement of the Spanish Society of Pedagogy.

Freaky Friday Science Club (KS2)

Mrs Logan

Our interactive, one-hour after school science club will bridge in-school and out-of-school learning through a fun-packed lesson of hands-on experiments.  Our fantastic demonstrations and activities will be themed around topics covered in school where children can develop their scientific inquiry skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.  Start the new term with a bang!

Friday Fun (F1 to F2)

Sra. Esquiva

At the end of the week we have so much fun in Friday Fun Club. The children have free play where they are able to play with anything they like, such as: ball games, painting, water play and ‘playing’ in the home corner in the classroom.

Chess Club (KS2)

Miss Dann

Come along and learn how to play chess. This is a game played on a chessboard by two people who maneuver sixteen pieces each according to rules governing movement of the six kinds of pieces (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, queen, king), the object being to bring the opponent’s king into checkmate. For those who already play, play your peers and strengthen your tactics.

Spanish Creative writing (Y3 to Y6)

Sra. Bravo

In the Creative Writing club it is intended to free and develop the creativity of the child through the writing of various stories, stories, descriptions, … and much more. Creative writing is perfect to promote reading, memory, attention, concentration and understanding while improving oral and written communication. Let your imagination fly!

Little games club (Y1 to Y2)

Sr. Rodriguez

Come along and enjoy by playing games, dancing or practising your gymnastic skills. A wide range of games (fundamental movement skills based) to further develop your physical abilities in a fun and safe environment. Let’s jump, throw, catch, run… Let’s have fun!!!!!

Gardening and environment club (Y3 to Y6)

Mrs Storm

It’s a fact, the Earth is dying! Come and make a difference in Gardening and the Environment Club. We will be digging, planting and caring for plants, as well as looking at factors that are endangering the environment today and how we can help make a difference.