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Distance Learning

The Lady Elizabeth School puts learners and learning first. Our school is ready for distance learning, and our education team is challenging our teachers to think how to ensure our amazing learning continues for our students.


While our students are used to learning inside and outside of the classroom, we know the idea of home learning can raise some questions. As our students get ready to learn from home, our Education team at The Lady Elizabeth School would like to share some things that they can think about to help ensure the amazing learning doesn’t stop.

● Establish a daily routine for learning
● Identify your learning space/s
● Minimise distractions
● Focus on one thing at a time
● Take regular breaks
● Be actively engage
● Apply your learning
● Reflect on your learning
● Self-assess
● Ask for help, support and feedback
● Give feedback to your teacher
● Get social and share


We understand there are a lot of questions about what home learning is going to look like over the coming weeks. Our Education team shares some points for families to consider during this time, ensuring that the amazing learning of our students continues.

Establish routines and expectations for learning at home
● create a timetable based on learning times the class teacher
● review what, when, how and where will they be learning every day

Define physical space/s for learning with your child
● ask them what kind of environment best supports their learning
● be mindful this may change depending on the learning they are engaged in

Get actively involved in your child’s learning
● ask questions, show curiosity, help them to process their thinking, inquire together

Support your child’s wellbeing
● talk openly about any concerns they have
● make sure they take regular breaks
● build physical activity into the day

Create guidelines for online safety together
● time spent online and general e-safety

Support collaboration
● make sure your child has access to support from their friends and classmates

Monitor communication from the school/teachers
● make sure you know who to contact if you have any questions about your child’s learning

If you have any questions on any of the above, please contact your child’s classroom teacher or our leadership team. We are here to help and support anyway we can.