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ASSSA Seguros is a Company founded in 1935 with an extensive experience in the health insurance field that has reached a preferential collaboration terms with Laude The Lady Elizabeth School based on the commitment to education and health care.

It offers quality health insurance with personalised customer service, comprehensive coverage, lifetime warranty and a large and prestigious medical directory.

If you would like to take advantage of the exclusive offer in health insurance that ASSSA has designed especially for the families of students of Lady Elizabeth School, visit their website or contact the Moraira delegate, who will attend you personally and professionally without any commitment:

Kate Taylor
Ctra. Moraira a Calpe, 7. Edif. Norte 1º C
Tel. 965 744 033   moraira@asssa.es


International Patients Care for patients from EU countries and NON EU countries. Also to displaced people from other Health Departments or Autonomous Regions. Health Programs for women We take care of the health of women, at every stage of their lives. We have special programs to treat your specific pathologies and promote your health. Green laser We cure benign prostate hypertrophy with green laser, a minimally invasive revolutionary technique which in most cases does not require being admitted as an In-patient. Emergency 24 hour and 365 days Broad portfolio of services at your disposal 24 hours a day in the Hospital. You will also be attend in your health centre. Fast & approachable healthcare.