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Supporting Local and International Causes at The Lady Elizabeth School

Pupils at The Lady Elizabeth School realise that many people are far less fortunate than themselves. Through the House System, they raise money for a wide range of local and international causes.

The students themselves decide which causes to support and the fundraising activities range from whole school efforts to individuals working to help an organisation which they personally believe in.

Supporting Local and International Causes in the Primary School

Here at LES Primary, our learning community supports local initiatives and fundraising events throughout the year.  This year we raised money for the British legion by selling poppies, Save the Children by supporting the Christmas Jumper Day and Street Child United by hosting a non-uniform day.
We also contributed to three charities which were raising money during our ‘Carnaval on the Cumbre’ celebration which was hosted in our Secondary School:  Senegal Wells, Makamei Orphanage and the Gandia Preventorio.

Supporting Local and International Causes in the Secondary School

The LEOS Club - Secondary School

The Leos Club

The School Leos Club was founded in 2007 and was the first Leo Club in Spain. It is sponsored by the Teulada – Moraira Lions Club and supports a wide variety of local and international organisations. It is a club run solely by students from Year 7 all the way to Year 13. They organise their own events and decide which organisation they will donate money to. Each year they elect a president, treasurer, secretary and a committee. They hold meetings once a week during break or lunchtime in order to discuss upcoming events and ideas for raising money.