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Boarding Testimonials

I have been in boarding at LES for about 18 months. I left Hong Kong because I had visited Spain and really liked it and wanted to see what it would be like to live there.

Boarding at LES has been really interesting and has helped me to learn about different cultures. I have tried other boarder’s traditional food and learnt some of their language and have taught them some of mine. We live happily together and all get on very well.

Being away from home is difficult, but boarding has made me a lot more independent. It is a new and great experience for me and a rare opportunity, one that anyone boarding should appreciate. The House Parents are really nice and they help you with any problems you may have. They encourage you to use your study time efficiently and to work hard during the school day.

The overall boarding experience has helped me to become an independent and strong person, with a more mature outlook on life and thanks to this experience I am now ready for university!

Hilda Y – Testimonial from Boarding Student @LES

‘Boarding is very different in Spain to the UK. It is more like a house environment and kind of like a family home. Everyone knows each other and feels very comfortable with each other’.

Catriona W

‘We meet a lot of new people from different countries and we get to know their cultures and interests. Also boarding in Spain we have a lot of good weather, a lot of sunshine and after school there are a lot of things to do, for example you can sunbathe, swim or go to the beach and I really like this place. After a busy day at school we can just relax in the garden’. For me the most favourite time has been ‘funny moments’ as we have a lot of them and I will remember them for the whole of my life and they will be stories I will tell to my children. I think it is good to have girls and boys together because we each learn something from one another. We went to Barcelona on the School Business Studies trip and visited theatres and museums and so on, but we also visited a wine making factory which was very interesting because it was really connected with business. On that excursion I found out why I was there which helped me a lot in my business studies. We also went to the Model United Nations for three days and were able to meet other students from all over the world. We practiced our language skills, we practised our debating skills and all this is going to be really positive for us when we go to University’.

Dariia K

‘Boarding is about making really good friends. It is also about studying a lot of subjects and having a lot of fun after school. My favourite time was moving from my home in Ukraine to the boarding house as I was out of my comfort zone, which was a completely new experience for me, but it was a really exciting moment.

There are lots of things to do at the weekends and after school. Javea is a lovely place where there are lots of beaches, shops and restaurants. We are able to choose what we want to do and we have a really good time’.

Dasha B

Hello my name is Olivia,

I am in year 12, and this is my first year in Laude Lady Elizabeth in boarding house.

I think the boarding house is a very nice place to live, because there are a lot of different people with individual personalities. I found a lot of friends in boarding, which made my life in boarding much happier, and more cheerful. House parents are very loving, supportive, and caring about every single child in boarding. If anything happens, they are always there to help us. The food is very tasty and balanced. Every day we are having different dishes and amazing desserts. The place where is our boarding located is quiet and peaceful. So when you wake up in the morning you can hear the wind blowing behind the window. Boarding provides for us a lot of options in which trips we can go on. Every weekend and Friday we allowed to go out to spend our free time outside the boarding. It is nice because we can go out to the beach or sit in a cafe. Also school provides mini bus for us to the place which is called The Arenal. Twice a week people can go the gym to do sport, and once a week mini bus always taking us to the supermarket. It is useful, because we can save some money instead of paying for taxis.

I experienced a lot of positive, emotional time in boarding, and I hope my final year will be as amazing as this.