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Boarding House end of Term - Building on Life Skills


As we approach the end of the first term it is a good time to reflect briefly on some of the highlights from within our Boarding community and to see just how the boarders have been getting along and what they have been learning outside of normal school studies.  

Trips out at the weekends are of course one of the highlights of the week.  Black Friday shopping trip to Benidorm was especially popular with many boarders benefitting from the huge sale prices to buy their Christmas presents.  Regular weekly joint house socials have proved to be a favourite with boys and girls spending time together enjoying playing games and generally relaxing and enjoying one another’s company.  Sometimes the boys cook a meal for the girls and sometimes the girls cook for the boys and the results are always excellent.  

Part of the boarding experience is to develop life skills in which boarders learn and become more aware of their personal responsibilities.   Some of these are in developing good study skills, organising and keeping tidy rooms and personal workspace, time keeping, dealing with their own laundry and very importantly preparing simple meals. Weekends have proved to be a very popular time for get togethers and joint social events and with the darker colder evenings it has been a wonderful opportunity for boarders to develop and share newly learned culinary skills. The culmination of all of these skills will ultimately stand them in good stead when it becomes time to move on to University and their transition from pupil to student will be as smooth as possible and they will be fully equipped to live independently. 

The Boarding Staff, (Mike from the boys house and Grace from the Girls house) and I have very much enjoyed getting to know all our Boarding students this term. Each and every one of them have made contributions in their own ways to the homely and successful running of both Boarding Houses.  They are what has made Lady Elizabeth Boarding special for everyone.   

Mike, Grace and I are always here to support and help our Boarders in every way possible and we look forward to their return in January and to another exciting term ahead.  

Susan Basham-Gamble

Head of Boarding

22nd December 2017: Boarders Christmas Party Meal in Javea

4th December 2017: Beautiful morning view from the boys boarding house



Christmas has come early this year in the boarding house


Our latest addition for the boys on this gorgeous December day



3rd December 2017: Sunday Brunch


2nd December 2017: Healthy Carbonara Main Course after a hard day shopping



Sunset over the boys house


30th November 2017: The wind is howling outside but the boys indoor table tennis tournament continues after prep


28th November 2017: Prep over. The boys decided to try their hand at baking


26th November 2017: Big Lunch at the girls’ boarding house











The boys return from their afternoon out at the Arenal



24th November 2017: Boarders Black Friday trip to Benidorm



One to one tutoring during prep tonight



Bake Night after prep at the girls house




19th November 2017: Well it is Sunday again!

A big full English breakfast brunch for the boys before chores, study and relaxation


Working off the brunch on the basketball court


Three points!!



Late afternoon get together for a chicken meal



The boys had a “study buddy” for prep today



18th November 2017: Saturday morning breakfast!



Checking out the local walking and cycling routes around Javea


A great walk today for some of the boarders


Afternoon at the girls’ house





Baking night at the girls house after all of that walking



Cakes all sorted


17th November 2017: The mammoth weekly shop is done!



16th November 2017: We know it is only Thursday, but it is nearly the weekend.

Great choice of breakfast for the boys this morning.


15th November 2017: One of our favourites tonight!

Ham Carbonara. Along with Fish, Fresh Salad and a great selection of yoghurts.


14th November 2017: Prep time!


12th November 2017: What a way to start your Sunday Morning!


Followed by afternoon soup and sandwiches



11th November 2017: Early morning stretches in the sun. Preparing for the shopping ahead




Ready for shopping!


Shopping in Ondara 


All those shops and where do we find the boarders?

Followed by pizza night




6th November 2017: Welcome back from half term boarders!

It’s Italian night tonight ! Fresh soup, lasagne, pizza, tuna salad, fruit and yoghurt tonight.


5th November 2017: Not a bad day to welcome Mr Mills on to the boarding team!



14th October 2017: Time for a get together at the girls’ boarding house 





This page is created by pupils in the Cala Fustera Boarding House.

On Saturday 4 February we visited beautiful Valencia for the day. After looking around the old part of Valencia we had lunch in the square near the Cathedral and then hit the shopping centre much to the delight of the girls!

A lot has happened over the last couple of months with Christmas Celebrations, holidays and on arrival back at school in January we were pleased to welcome new student, Yulia. Yulia is from the Ukraine and has joined Year 9. She celebrated her birthday at the beginning of February and she was delighted to receive beautiful flowers and balloons from her dad and gifts from her Boarding House friends. We enjoyed a meal at the local Italian restaurant. A nice way to start Yulia's stay at the LES Boarding House.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award Walk to Castell de Castells

Andy joined twelve other students on our first Duke of Edinburgh International Award walk for the year to Castell de Castells. The walk up to the castle was a little taxing but at least it was all downhill on the way back. Boarding House pupils have the opportunity to join in all of the activities for the International Award and are encouraged to participate in the Award itself.


A big thank you to Tania Honey for her excellent care and support of the LES boarders for the last two weeks. We've had great fun and we hope you will come and see us again soon! 



We went to Denia Castle at the weekend!



 It´s not all fun and games, we have time to do our homework and we get help from the House Parents who are teachers from School.




Today, Olivia, a member of the Cala Fustera Boarding Facility and pupil at The Lady Elizabeth School, has invited her friends so that they can enjoy the boarding facility as well! 







Flexible boarding this week has attracted two current pupils to experience a few nights away from home. If any parents need to travel for business or have to make an unexpected trip, do contact Pepa Ivars about our new boarding facility at Villa Fustera.





 We will be pleased to provide cover with the advantage of study support, a safe and secure environment and even delicious food ! These boarders are enjoying tucking in to fajitas.




Sandy and Santi would like to welcome you to The Cala Fustera Boarding House!



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