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LES is a great place to study in 6th Form as the class sizes are small and the teachers can cater for individual needs better. This means ultimately that results will be better or students have the opportunity to perform to a higher standard. From my own experience the teachers are certainly dedicated, motivated and hard-working. They always have time for each individual student and are very encouraging and helpful.

The students in the 6th Form are really easy to get on with and we are like one big happy family. It is a very multi-cultural environment which is really interesting as you learn about other people’s cultures and the way that they live. I have enjoyed my time at LES, especially as a Head Pupil.

Juan Jo – Head Boy

I love LES because I like the way we accept all nationalities and religions.


“I feel obliged to again thank the teaching staff at Lady Elizabeth for the contribution to Sean’s development. He came to you as a shy child and today he is an independent young man making his own way 3,000 miles from home in Arizona and doing this very well. Sean studied at the W.P. Carey School of Business where he made the Dean’s list. Sean took away some invaluable skills from Lady Elizabeth which continue today to be the key to his success in University and I believe will continue to serve him well later in the business world. Those skills are commitment and dedication to achieving good academic results, respect for his teachers, peers and school and the belief that working hard is important. In essence, all of the principles that he heard every day and that make the Lady Elizabeth the great learning and teaching centre that it is.”

Graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and History

Joe Collins - Father of Sean Collins

I love LES because the teachers are very friendly and are amazing at doing their jobs.


I love LES because I have great friends and there are many different learning opportunities.


I have been at LES for five years and came from Spanish school. Since being here I feel like I have developed in my approach to my exams and especially my work ethics. I have definitely had a lot of help from my teachers and they have been very supportive and encouraging.

Being in the 6th Form has taught me to be a lot more active in the school community and I am taking part in a lot of different activities such as: fundraising, helping with school events, (Dragon’s Den, the school opening) and I am a member of the Leos Club. I am also helping in the Primary School and doing some reading with the Year 1 and Year 2 children. This opportunity has helped me decide that I would like to pursue a career in Primary teaching. This summer I will be going to Africa to visit the Makimei Orphanage which is sponsored by the school. I am looking forward to this very much as I want to be able to help with the different projects that they have there. LES has provided me with some fantastic opportunities and I have matured a lot in the past 12 months and have become more independent.

Sofia G – Year 12 Student

I love LES because we learn with fun and creativity


I have been at LES since Year 5 and have loved every minute of it. When I arrived I spoke a little bit of English but no Spanish and now I am fluent in English and Spanish and I am studying French at A Level. Being at LES has inspired me to be interested in current global issues through MUN conferences I have attended and due to meeting with the President of the European Union of Women. I have been to three MUN conferences with the school and I was a delegate at our own MUN conference which was held a couple of years ago. I have also been actively involved in Public Speaking attending competitions in Alicante coming second in the final. I have always been an active member of the LEOS Club and am now heavily part of the school Makimei project, raising money for different projects within the Orphanage. I read with the Year 1 children in the Primary School and am looking forward to helping with the Year 7 mentoring programme in Year 13 as I enjoy helping young pupils.

I am looking forward to University in September next year and would like to pursue a career in international relationships and politics and my dream is to work in the United Nations.

Sofia M – Year 12 Student

I love LES because the teachers are always there to help you.


“If I have not said it before, I wanted to say that LES had a great impact on my life as a student. There are excellent teachers who have a true passion for teaching which transfers to the students. Thank you very much to everyone at LES for your support during my schooling life.”

Qie Hu

I love LES because everyone is accepting.