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Wells for Senegal

4th December 19

Ex-pupil and lunchtime supervisor Fernando Manzanares has been heavily involved in the Wells for Senegal project, supported by the school.  He recently updated us on the progress of this project which is making a significant positive impact in the region.

LES donated the sum of €1,833 which was raised through our Carnaval on the Cumbre event and these funds were used to start construction of 2 wells which will make a huge difference to the village of Guede Chantier in Guese Diery, giving access to clean water to hundreds of people.

A third well is already being planned close to Gourel Diery, which will not only service the local community but also cattle which are a valuable source of income for the locals.

The wells are built by REDES organization, of which Fernando was made ambassador after his travels in Senegal. They are based in Guede Chantier, near Podor, in the Saint Louise Region. REDES operates in the Sahel, a region of Africa challenged by desertification caused by deforestation and climate change.
REDES is committed to playing an active role in providing relevant solutions to the complex environmental and socio-economic challenges that the communities of the region face in their daily lives.


The objectives of REDES are:

  • Promote ecovillage best practices to fulfill the vision of a green and peaceful Sahel.
    · Train local youth and women’s associations to regenerate and preserve the ecosystems of the region
    · Influence local leaders and decision makers for the preservation of the environment and biodiversity of the Sahel
    · Promote social entrepreneurship for thriving green local businesses
    · Promote gender balance and social justice for more harmonious communities in the Sahel
    · Preserve our cultural heritage, sacred sites, traditional medicine and local technologies.
    · Build local and international alliances to strengthen peace-building, income generation and environmentally friendly initiatives in the Sahel region.
    · Educate partners around the world about the socio-economic, cultural and environmental realities of the Sahel to build strong partnerships with local decision makers and local actors.

For more information or to donate click here http://redes-ecovillages.org/eng/

Another project Fernando is involved in is building a community center in the region. So far REDES has raised €1197 of the needed €6000 to complete this project and full information can be found here and again we encourage our partners to support this worthy charity and help make a difference to others lives.