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Climate Strike Awareness

1st October 19

Friday the 27th of Septmeber saw our Sixth Formers lead the Secondary School in raising awareness for Climate Change

At LES we have always celebrated the importance of the student voice and initiatives and this year following on from the recent Climate Strike, led by Greta Thunberg, many of our students were keen to mark this event in their own way.

Last Friday our Students were invited to wear green instead of school uniform to mark the Climate Strike Awareness Campaign led by GreenPeace, in order to raise awareness in our local community of the importance of this cause.

Joined by Rolser, a local manufacturer specialising in high quality shopping trolleys, our students carried and wheeled their bags to the Benitachell Ayuntamiento to personally deliver a letter they had written requesting the local municipality collaborate with LES in raising awareness and tackling local environmental issues.

During the 45 minute walk our students collected rubbish littered on the road, pavements and in the adjacent shrubs. Everything from bottles, plastic bags to old tyres and even a fridge were discovered and our students made an impact by removing what they could in the bags provided by Rolser.

Donations were also collected from students, teachers and parents and funds raised are to be donated to Marina Alta Charities.

We are delighted to support this student-led initiative and are very proud of the strides made forward in our local community today.