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Pre-Nursery 2 Working with Real Tools

4th June 19

Pre-Nursery 2 children have thoroughly enjoyed working with ‘real tools’. Working with tools encourages children to play and explore and allows them to actively learn. It gives them the opportunity to critically think and create and they can begin risk assessing the activity that they are involved in. It creates an environment where they develop a sense of responsibility and independence as they learn what they are capable of and how to take care when using the tools. It is an excellent way to improve motor skills and supports communication and language development. It engages children who do not always want to participate in EYFS experiences. Hand-eye coordination is promoted as children gain more confidence when using the tools and it encourages children to learn self-control. It is a great way to develop problem-solving skills and give children ‘real hands-on’ experience.

Well done Pre-Nursery 2 for some ‘amazing learning’ whilst working with real tools!

To see photos of Pre-Nursery 2 working with real tools, click on the photo below: