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International Day 2019

13th May 19

International Day was a huge success with lots of amazing learning about different cultures, traditional costumes, toys and games, cuisine, dance, songs, festivals and celebrations. Each stall contained educational information about the country represented and pupils were able to see how a country was different, or similar, to their own. They were also able to sample some beautiful food, participate in traditional activities and games and look at printed materials and presentations about the country and learn so much about different cultures by speaking to the stall holders.
Well done to our performers who delighted the audience with songs by Nacho in Spanish, by Ellie in Korean, by Rosanna in French and 6th Form student Season sang one song in 25 different languages! Congratulations also to Cecelia in Year 8 who performed a beautiful ballet.
Thank you to LES Amigos for organising such a wonderful and informative event and to our stall holders who took so much time to prepare activities, food, photographs and other material to help our pupils learn all about different countries and cultures.
These events don’t happen without the help of so many people and in this case it was a team effort. However, without our marvellous site managers, Stuart, Juan, Chris and Ruben it would not have run so smoothly.
Thank you also to our sponsors, Javea Swim School, Infinity and IMED Teulada for their generosity in supporting the event.
We look forward to next year’s International Day!

Please click on the images below to see photos from International Day: