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Fantastic Swimming Results

29th May 19

On Saturday, the Lady Elizabeth Sport Club swimming team, hosted the last competition of the regional league in the municipal pool of Benitatxell. They finished with fantastic results!

Our youngest swimmers started the day with a more than remarkable performance obtaining the best times of the season. Beau Donald ‘stopped the clock’ at 38 “63 in the 50 m freestyle, (front crawl), finishing in third position. Alexa Courtes recorded a time of 26” 60 in the 25 m breaststroke, also finishing in third position. Well done girls!!

In the afternoon our swimmers in the ‘alevines, infantiles y cadets’ age groups continued with the great start to the day with three first places and a second in the final races.

In the boys Alevín category, Sonny Cliford beat his personal best time in 50 freestyle recording a time of 33 “91 with a lead of 4 seconds over the second place getter. In the 25m breaststroke he finished in second position in a time of 21 seconds once again beating his best previous time. In the breaststroke event Max Esteban got the first place after beating his best time, in 20 “63. To round off the afternoon, Leyla Norman destroyed the chronometer in the 50m girl’s breaststroke with a time of 45 “21 leaving the rest of the swimmers two seconds behind and taking the first position.

In the overall series our swimmers have won seven meets, improving their times and getting into the top 10 in each discipline. With these results the LES swimmers combined with the school of Poble Nou de Benitatxell, have gained second position in the whole competition with 471 points

Sonny Cliford is placed as virtual winner of the league in the masculine alevin category, and in the absence of confirmation of the competition committee Max Esteban can take the bronze medal in this same competition. We will be awaiting the final report of the competition committee of La Marina Alta.

Congratulations chic @ s of your coaches Isaac and Karen