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Debating Trip to Madrid

15th May 19

Four Year 10 learners travelled with Mrs. Millington to Madrid recently to take part in a debating competition alongside other ISP schools from around Spain.  

The debaters argued for a year’s mandatory military service and also the adverse effects on mobile phones on teenagers They had to argue against lowering the retirement age to allow more job opportunities for young people, television programmes being too violent, euthanasia and democracy not working in large countries such as China.  

The preparation of the ideas and research and structuring of speeches took place in the month leading up to the debate within the key stage 4 public speaking programme. . All learners prepared well and spoke with confidence and clarity on the day making the whole experience one they would remember for their success in the competition and the opportunity to enjoy Madrid and the company of learners from a range of ISP schools.  

Congratulations to Olivia Michaelson, Flora Malcolmson, Isabella Rodriguez and Chloe Thompson.