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A level Photography Exhibition

29th May 19

Thursday 23 May was an exciting day in the Photography Room.  After two years of hard work and dedication our Year 13 Photography students finally had the opportunity to display their completed work to their parents, staff and students.  

As a creative and visual art it is important to all photographers that their work is viewed and appreciated by a wide audience. The A Level Photography Exhibition was the perfect opportunity to do this and to celebrate our Year 13 students’ talent, creativity and diversity.  To see their work displayed for the first time was a proud moment for all of them and made it all worthwhile.

The images and supportive writing allowed the viewer to see unique creative journeys and clearly demonstrated the student’s personal development and progression in skill and technique as well as an understanding of how their visual work can influence our perceptions and convey a message.  The coursework and exam pieces on display in the exhibition were an enormous tribute to their individualism and determination to succeed.

The exhibition was “buzzing” from beginning to end.  Viewers were invited to look through portfolios, view videos of work and interact with moving objects.  Everyone who attended was very impressed by the quality and diversity of the photographic work and intrigued to learn about other aspects of the course.  

Year 13 students were on hand to introduce their personal portfolios and explain their thinking behind their choice of genres and themes to parents and staff as well as our Year 12 Photography students who will benefit enormously from their inspirational work.

For me personally it was a wonderful opportunity to display their individual achievements publicly!

Stefi Ash

Head of Photography

To see more photos click on the photo below: