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Year 3 and 4 Jazz Workshop with Santi Ferrer Ausina

15th April 19

This half term our listening Music in KS2 has focused on the influence and the many forms of Jazz.  To complement the pupils’ learning about Jazz we invited Santi Ferrer Ausina, a local jazz musician from Benissa to hold a Jazz workshop for us. Santi is talented Jazz Musician who plays the trumpet and he also directs the Escuela de Musica Moderna Si Fa Sol in Benissa.

Our pupils enjoyed helping Santi choose chords to compose a piece of Jazz Music and he then improvised a melody on the trumpet using the notes from the chords. Our pupils loved changing the trumpet notes by pressing down the valves. The workshops were a great success and our pupils were enthralled and inspired by the Music they made and heard. You never know Santi may have just inspired a few of our future Jazz musicians!  Thank you Santi!

For photos and videos of the workshop please click on the images below: