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Project Kya – Therapy Dogs Working with Students at LES

2nd April 19

Project Kya, is a pilot programme of Assisted Education with Dogs that works with different students who present some type of specific learning needs. This year, seven students of different ages and nationalities are participating in the project. All of them are fulfilling their objectives through canine education and are teaching skills and tricks to different dogs, Kya, Dori and Gala. Kya, Dori and Gala have completed a specific training program controlled by veterinarians to enable them to work within the educational system. It is a fantastic learning experience for the students who participate in the programme and is highly motivational.

In the pilot project, there are three main educational and emotional objectives:

1. Improvement of self-esteem and self-confidence in order to learn self-control and presentation mechanisms in public.

2. Understanding human learning through the observation and experimentation of canine learning and thus, being able to apply it to oneself. Understanding that intrinsic motivation and constant positive reinforcement are essential to obtain an optimal and quality learning.

3. Increase the verbal fluency of Spanish in students who follow the Progressive Incorporation Program in the Spanish Section.

Currently in Spain there are very few programmes of Assisted Education with Animals, so it is very important to promote it and demonstrate the many positive results offered by a project that complements the educational curriculum.  

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