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Project Kya – PN1 – F2 Treated to an Amazing Canine Performance

8th April 19

Last Friday Year 7, 8 and 9 students carried out a dog-training demonstration in the Primary School in front of a very appreciative audience of PN1, PN2 and Foundation 1 pupils and their teachers.

As part of the ‘Kya Project’, a project based on ‘how dogs learn’, the Secondary students worked with three therapy dogs, Kya, Dori and Gala, encouraging them to demonstrate their skills and tricks, delighting the young children.

It was a very positive and enjoyable activity for all pupils. The Secondary students were able to put what they had been learning into a practical demonstration and for the younger pupils it was very exciting and entertaining as they watched the dogs do their amazing tricks. They even got to work with the dogs themselves getting them to perform some tricks!

To see photos of the activity click on the image below: