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LES – First School in Valencia to have a Compost System in Place

9th April 19

It is important that students are aware of the value of recycling and the positive benefits that it has on the environment. Composting is part of recycling and the Year 10 project will help our students understand how important it is get rid of waste products wisely to help limit the impact on the environment.

In collaboration with the Poble Nou de Benitatxell, The Lady Elizabeth School is the first school in the Valencian Community to use a compost system for biodegradable material. The composter, which has been installed by the Benitachell City Council, will be used for all organic waste from the school cafeteria.

Last Thursday, April 4, The Lady Elizabeth International School was part of the opening of a ‘Compost Centre’, which will be used by the School from now on. The composter has been installed in front of the school and the aim is to promote new habits of optimising resources, and at the same time minimise the impact on the environment with the help of school students. With this innovative proposal, the students of the Lady Elizabeth School will learn to make compost using the organic waste from the dining room. They will learn all about the advantage of a totally ecological process using the organic remains, in order to transform this organic matter into a high quality fertiliser, that can be used to nourish our soil, plants and gardens. It is also important to understand that with this totally organic process, we can compost 40% of the waste from our homes and work sites, which normally go to landfills and incinerators. This causes serious pollution problems and a significant waste of resources.

The opening was attended by Jorge Blanco Coll and Javier Bonastre Rodriguez, Senior Technicians Specialists in Waste Environment, Energy and Solid Waste. Both work in the Department of Solid Waste of the Diputación de Alicante. There was also Ana Rodríguez, Graduate in Environmental Sciences, who works in the company Planeta Huerto and is the technical assistant (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ana-rodríguez-quirant-25a37214b/?originalSubdomain=es) and Alicia Santacreu who is the Environmental Technician of the City Council of Benitatxell, also Lda. In Environmental Sciences and Forestry Technical Engineer). The Head of Secondary, Tom Davidson, the Director of Admissions and External Relations, Isabel Calatayud and Miss Rebeca González, Graduate in Biology and PhD in Genetics, as professor responsible for the Project (teacher of Science classes at KS3 and Biology at KS4 and A level) and a group of about 15 students from Year 10 Biology were present at the opening. The students from Year 10 Biology played a very ‘hands on’ role in the opening as they put on gloves and shovelled and raked and prepared the material to go into the composter. The idea is to take a different group of pupils each time, so that all Secondary students learn about the importance of composting and become educated in the concept of Sustainability and the Environment.

The compost will be used in the beginning by students, who have a garden, or it could even be used in the gardens of our school, maybe it could also be sold at events with donations being collected for charities, but at first the school will use it.

It is wonderful that the students of The Lady Elizabeth can be part of this great Project, as it leads them to reflect and feel totally involved in the active process of helping our environment and generating new ecological values for the future.

They will understand that this didactic process not only reduces the amount of waste from landfills, but also helps by promoting the recycling of the material, and thereby reducing CO2 emissions and curbing the dreaded and climate change. 

With the Project, the students of the Lady Elizabeth School will learn to make their own compost with organic waste from the dining room

For more information, please contact:

Isabel Calatayud, Head of Admissions & External Relations, The Lady Elizabeth School
i.calatayud@laudeladyelizabeth.com T. 671 69 87 69

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