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Year 2 Art

7th March 19

The children in Year 2 have been busy getting better at art. During the first lesson, they were given primary colour poster paints (red, blue and yellow) and had to experiment mixing them to make other colours. They were then given white and learnt how to use it to make lighter shades of a colour. In the second lesson, the children were given samples of a colour to make; they loved mixing the colours together to try and match it exactly. The third lesson enabled them to demonstrate their progression by mixing primary colours to match the piece of painting they had been given. They worked extremely hard using all of their knowledge gained so far to accurately create the colour they needed. All of the children’s work was pieced together to create a wonderful painting of a hot air balloon which fits in with their topic ‘From A to B’.  Next week they are learning other techniques in order to create their own masterpiece depicting speeding vehicles.

Day 1 Shading

Day 1 Experimenting With Mixing Colours

Day 2 Experimenting with Colours

Day 3 Painting a Section

Day 3 – Original to Copy

Day 3 Final Picture!