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Year 5 IPC Topic – Maya

24th February 19

Year 5 have had a busy time during their IPC Topic “AD900” where they learnt about ancient civilisations including the Maya people of Central America. They investigated and learnt many things about the way that the Maya used to live and all about their traditions, rituals and culture. They discovered many facts about the Maya and for the IPC exit point, they brought in food similar to what the Maya would have eaten, performed traditional dances and played a ball game where they had to hit the ball through a hoop to score a goal. To make the game more difficult they were only permitted to use their heads, elbows, knees and hips to hit the ball. Feet and hands were not allowed. Traditionally the losing team should have been sacrificed, but not on this occasion! 

The Year 5 pupils had a great time studying the topic of the Maya and experienced some amazing learning!

To see photos of the Year 5 Maya work and their masks and costumes click on the image below:

To see videos of some traditional Maya dancing click on the images below:

To watch the video of the Maya Ball Game click on the image below: