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Month: February 2019

Year 12 Biology A Level students’ day trip to the Orihuela Campus of the Miguel Hernandez University (UMH)

28th February 19

On the 21st of February, Year 12 Biology A Level students had the unique opportunity to visit the Orihuela Campus of the Miguel Hernandez University, put a lab coat on and carry out a ‘real experiment’ in one of their specialised ’Animal Production’ laboratories. The activity, that Year 12 completed, is part of the program ‘Estudia…

Ski Trip to Andorra 2019

27th February 19

Perfect weather and great snow has made the ski trip exceptional for over 90 students and accompanying staff. Leaving on Sunday, they have had three wonderful days of skiing, and the weather looks good for the rest of the week. Pupils are taking advantage of lessons in the morning, to enhance their skiing skills, and in…

Valentine's Day – Heart and Roses

24th February 19

Red House has had a great year so far and have shown dedication in the organisation of events chosen to raise money for our charity. The Valentine’s Brownies and Roses went very well, as always. The Red House Team, which included the Leo’s club and other 6th Form pupils, cooked all of the delicious brownies…

Year 5 IPC Topic – Maya

24th February 19

Year 5 have had a busy time during their IPC Topic “AD900” where they learnt about ancient civilisations including the Maya people of Central America. They investigated and learnt many things about the way that the Maya used to live and all about their traditions, rituals and culture. They discovered many facts about the Maya…

Year 5 Study Prehistoric Times in Spanish

24th February 19

  Year 5 have been studying prehistoric times in their Spanish lessons. They learnt all about the Altamira Caves in Cantabria and many other facts surrounding the prehistoric times. To complete the topic, they built fantastic prehistoric huts made from sticks, clay and other materials, did some great cave drawings following the style of the…

Year 2 Sandwich Making

24th February 19

In Year 2 this week, the children have been learning how to write instructions using both the imperative tense and time connectives. After a busy lesson of writing the instructions to make either a jam or chocolate sandwich they then enjoyed following them to actually make their sandwich. Their favourite instruction was “finally, eat and…

Carnaval – Primary School

23rd February 19

Carnaval in the Primary School was a week of fun and activities. On the last day everybody dressed up in their favourite costumes and they looked fantastic! All pupils, from Pre-Nursery 1 to Year 6, paraded on the playground so that everyone could see their fabulous outfits. Each year group had great activities to enjoy…

Mr Baldwin's Trip to Makimei in Kenya

19th February 19

Mr Baldwin has returned from Nairobi, Kenya full of ideas and enthusiasm as to how our school can develop its relationship with the Makimei Children’s Home. These will include a scheme to donate 3 euros to purchase a square foot of the land which Makimei so desperately needs in order to have a secure place…

Foundation 1 are Superheroes

18th February 19

Foundation 1 pupils loved dressing up as their favourite Superheroes and showing off their superpowers. They climbed like Spider-Man, flew like Superman, showed their supreme Cat-woman balancing skills and their super Hulk-like strength whilst completing an agility course in the gym. Hooray for our Superheroes! For more photos click on the image below:

Tritones Association Beach Land and Beach Clean-Up

18th February 19

The Tritones Association, organised by Mr Hollingworth, once again did their share to help the environment. They walked from the School through the National Park to the Granadella Cove, picking up rubbish as they went. They collected several large garbage bags full of plastics, paper, cigarette butts, bottles and all sorts of other waste. The Tritones Association…