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Year 6 'Impressionist Walk'

16th January 19

Last Friday, Year 6 went on an ‘Impressionist Walk’ in the local area. The children were on a mission to undertake an Impressionist study of their locality. The images they saw were to be collected using their sketching and photography skills – this was an opportunity to practise sketching skills that they hadn’t really used since Year 5! 

Prior to the walk, Mrs Hasirci gave the children a learning lesson in photography – using the technique of Rule of Thirds when taking a photo. The children learnt that they needed to divide their chosen image into 9 equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The rule of thirds says that you should position the most important elements in your scene along these lines, or at the points where they intersect and by doing so it will add balance and interest to your photo. Lots of impressionist paintings were studied before leaving and we saw that these artists had applied the technique of the Rule of Thirds to their work. 

We wrapped up warm and headed out along the mountain path, near school, to start to learn how the work of artists is influenced by their environment and also to begin to know that artists have an effect on the environment. Also we were keen to try and get better at applying the techniques used by the impressionist artist in our own work. 

Once in location, we got out sketch books and cameras and began to use our sketch books to record our observations, so we can use them to review and revisit ideas later in the classroom. Ms. Handscombe also joined us and offered us additional skills and techniques that we could use. We had lots of opportunities to practise and we certainly got better as the afternoon progressed. We even managed to find the time to have a lesson on vanishing points and perspective – we were so glad Ms. Handscombe came along! 

Once back in the classroom, we collated our images ready to use in our own paintings; we are going to try and emulate the Impressionists and celebrate our local area in their style. Watch this space for our results!