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Technical Drawing – Spanish Section

7th January 19

The development of a freehand drawing demands a precise mastery of the pencil, as well as a good observation capacity to transmit the details to the paper. The main feature of a freehand drawing is its immediacy: the observation is captured on paper without any intermediation that the feeling of who draws it. The practice allows the student to become aware of their surroundings, taking them to their basic abstract form, cubes cylinders, triangles …

“… The universe is written in mathematical language and the characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without whose help it is humanly impossible to understand it, without this it is like turning vainly through a dark labyrinth. – “

Galileo Galilei (Il Saggiatore) 1623.

Every object that surrounds us, tables, chairs, the buildings where we study, can not come true without first having been a drawing. The technical drawing allows us to express elements providing enough information to facilitate its analysis and manufacture. Nowadays we can do it with computer systems or by hand and it is fundamental for the preparation of future engineers, architects, designers, artists.

Sergio Arce 

Teacher of Technical Drawing | BIM Specialist | Technical Architect