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Teacher Visit From Finland

14th January 19

During the first week of my stay in Finland I visited the Winellska school in Kirkkonummi, where Minttu Myllynen showed me around. She is the Mentor Coordinator for her school district and I learned so much about Finnish education from shadowing her.  After our many discussions about education, Minttu asked if she could also visit us here at LES. Of course the answer was yes! She spent two and a half days with us and learned a lot about how the students learn here. She was particularly impressed with our focus on challenging and visible learning. She also loved the atmosphere in our school: 

Right from the beginning I felt that the school has a positive and open atmosphere. The children seem to be quite happy and cheerful, helping each other and co-operating. The teachers I saw having their lessons were really kind and supportive, which has a great impact on the pupil’s learning and well being.’

To all the staff at LES: Thank you so much for hosting me and showing me around! I’ve learnt a lot and had some great ideas from you that I’ll definitely try out.  

It was a fantastic visit and we thank Minttu for visiting us! 

Nicola Baker

Year 4 Teacher and IPC Leader