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Student's Wonderwall

7th January 19

Promoting Student Agency

A key question we must always remind ourselves as we plan and carry out learning and social activities at the school is … for whom do we have schools?  It is quite simple – for the students!  Therefore, we simply must do our best to promote student voice and empower our pupils to take greater control of the quality and direction of their learning.  To this end, we have several programs at our school, such as student councils, reference groups where students work alongside faculty and parents such as the Food Committee in the Secondary or the school-wide committee that is planning the March 23rd grand event ¨Carnaval on the Cumbre:  A Celebration of One School/One Site.¨ In addition, you might notice a new feature at the school should you pop by the main reception in the blue building one day – it’s a ¨conversation board.¨  Each week we ask students (and staff, and parents, and visitors!) to write their answers on the large glass wall in the reception, to engaging prompts.  Last week the question was ¨What does good learning FEEL like?¨ This week … well, why don’t you come on and find out for yourself.  You´ll will be amazed at the provocative and rich (and sometimes silly) inputs from our students.  And dare I say … this activity, this conversation … promotes student voice in our school and helps us drive student agency at LES.

Chris Akin

Head of School