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Preparation for Model United Nations – Amersfoort

23rd January 19

Only around two weeks remain until a talented group of 28 excited and enthusiastic LAUDE Lady Elizabeth students set out to the charming Dutch town of Amersfoort to participate in FAMUN 2019, a leading international Model United Nations (MUN) conference. As one of the largest delegations at FAMUN, our students are sure to play starring roles throughout the conference and enhance the reputation of our school, while enjoying an unforgettable, exhilarating social and academic experience.

The conference will last for 3 days, from the 7th of February until the 10th, ensuring a substantial number of intense and thrilling debates and votes will be held. Our students will also have the terrific opportunity to discover the beautiful vibrant city of Amsterdam and the quaint town of Amersfoort in their free time before the conference. Departing on Wednesday the 6th of February, our delegates will return on Sunday the 10th of the same month, having taken part in a truly unique international event.

MUNs offer students from around the world a magnificent opportunity to interact in an environment which is both formal and diplomatic and friendly and supportive. Students are able to gain valuable experience in diplomatic affairs, enrich their knowledge on a wide range of global, topical issues, challenge themselves to speak assuredly and convincingly in public, and indulge in remarkable social events with other students from a broad variety of backgrounds and cultures. At FAMUN, our delegates will certainly relish all the advantageous aspects of an MUN and foster new friendships and interests.

Our school’s participation in this outstanding conference also represents the phenomenal growth of MUN and similar initiatives in our school. Having successfully hosted the inaugural ISPMUN last March, LES is now seeking to expand our global MUN participation and assume a leading role among schools in Spain in the MUN sphere. With a marvellous performance at FAMUN 2019 sure to come soon, our school’s future in MUN and other beneficial extracurricular spheres looks exceptionally bright.

Victor Arutyunov

21 January, 2019