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MFL Spanish Students Live News Segment

16th January 19

For the past month my Year 9 MFL Spanish class has been working on a project that has ended with the filming of a ‘Live News Segment’ about the LES School: ¿QUÉ ESTÁ PASANDO? Two of the students in class, Charlie Box and Emilie Roelofs were the outstanding hosts for our news show, and the studio was our classroom. The rest of the students where reporters connecting live from different corners of the School. Richard Roosimagi tells the Sports news, Andrii Zadorozhnyi gives us the weather forecast, Scarlett Haan informs about the latest building progresses of the school, Stefaniia Berestovskaia has yummy news from Sra. Escortell’s kitchen, and Faye Luka Schonk has freezing breaking news! This project has not only been fun to prepare, write and film; not only has it been good to break away from the normal lesson routine, but the students have also been able to see how Present Continuous Tense is used in Spanish to describe actions happening at the moment. A different way to put Grammar into use, in a ‘real’ situation, with a real meaning. 

They all worked very hard and gave the best of themselves. All of them have proved to have great skills in front of the camera. Maybe the new James Corden is sitting right next to you in class?! 

Keep on eye out for the video when we have finished editing it.

Verónica San Millán

MFL Teacher