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LES Hockey Team Enjoy Victory in their First Match

16th January 19

The Lady Elizabeth Sport Hockey Team enjoyed victory in their first match when they visited Valenica last week. They played at the University “Taronger” in Valencia, which is home to the Valencia Hockey Federation. 

Despite being their first game, the players showed great technique and tactics during the match, always looking to control the tempo of the game and to remain calm. They were also playing without a goalkeeper and any mistake could lead to a goal for the opposition.

In the beginning of the game both teams were very nervous, however, Çova, the LES trainer, wanted everyone to enjoy the game and made many substitutions in order to give playing time to everyone and not just those who had more experience.

Little by little, the lines of defence and attack were perfected, and LES started to get ahead on the scoreboard. The rival goals always came after a loss of ball in the goal region whereas our goals were more controlled with a larger number of players included in the lead-up. The high-quality and the intensity of the game, from both teams, meant that all the parents attending the match were delighted to see a very entertaining game with very good sportsmanship. Eventually LES, demonstrated a slightly higher level and won the match 3 goals to 2. 

This has been only the first of many future games and we look forward to organise a Mini LES team of hockey. 

Thank you to the federation for organising this match and the support of all the parents and other supporters who made up a large majority of the audience. They were all very encouraging and supporting of our players.

The LES Hockey Team train on Tuesdays and Thursdays and everyone is welcome to join, just as they are welcome to join the Football and Swimming Teams also.