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Year 7 to Year 11 Sociales Projects

16th November 18

To finish the half-term Geography and History topics being studied in ‘Sociales’, students from Year 7 to Year 11 have completed or are working on projects to reiterate what they have learnt during lessons. The pupils are working together in groups and are using the information that they have gleaned to create fabulous murals, models, videos, PowerPoint presentations and some have even invented board games! Each group has devised a way that can demonstrate their knowledge of the topic in an interesting, creative and unique way. They are required to develop their own independent strategies, plans, ideas and solutions with the teachers only giving guidance where needed. The task given to Year 7 students is to develop different ways to explain the geographical characteristics of Europe. They have come up with excellent ideas as diverse as explanatory videos with interviews to board games with questions on the subject. The Year 8 theme is Egypt and Mesopotamia and they are working on creations ranging from models of pyramids to real life-size sarcophagi. In Year 9 they have been learning about Romanesque Art and their project work relates to this topic. In Year 10 they are engaged in a competition, between the different groups, to develop a model of an environmentally ideal city. And, finally, in Year 11 they are working on projects to explain an aspect of the Industrial Revolution. 

We look forward to seeing the final products as they are looking fabulous at this stage!

To see more photos of the Sociales work click on the following link: