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School Council in the Secondary School

27th November 18

The Student Council has begun its work for 2018-19 with a trio of productive, intriguing sessions. This year it has become more democratic and effective than ever before, with a policy of reform and democratisation having been initiated at the beginning of this half-term.

Our first session took place on the 7 November, and all of the members had a genuine opportunity to discuss their concerns and major school issues, assured that their voices would be heard and evaluated. Additionally, a comprehensive reform programme, drafted by Victor Arutyunov (and ex-pupil Maxim Minkin), was introduced to the Council members, who were supportive and enthusiastic about these upcoming changes. In the last two weeks, the Council has therefore worked to commence the process of reform.

The cornerstone of this reform is the President of the Student Body, elected, at first, by the Council members. To ensure a truly realistic, democratic, and fair election, a debate was held between the two candidates for the Presidency, Year 12 pupils (President) Alex Deleu and Sofia Mashchenko. Both candidates performed at the level of genuine presidential hopefuls, entertaining the audience in the brief debate. This set the scene for an exciting final showdown on Wednesday 21 November.

In a bona fide democratic election by secret ballot, President Deleu narrowly triumphed over his adversary. He will, no doubt, be a competent and forward-thinking President, while Sofia, with a remarkable 5 years of experience in the Student Council, will remain an integral part of the entity, particularly in moving our system forward. The members were also very satisfied with and encouraged by the new democratic procedure, and understood it immediately, paving the way for our school’s democratic development.

While the reform is being implemented, the Council will continue to execute its most important functions: meeting regularly and providing a platform for free expression and representation of our pupils. Undoubtedly, the talent, creativity, and innovativeness of our Council members will ensure that no one’s concerns are ignored, all issues are discussed, and that our school continuously grows and improves.