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Physics Conference in Valencia

17th November 18

Year 12 and Year 13 physics students attended a conference which was organised by the Science Museum in Valencia. The main lecture was from Nobel Prize winning physicist, Gerard ‘t Hooft. He won the Nobel prize for resolving fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics.

In A Level physics we start the study of quantum principles in Year 12 and then further these concepts in Year 13. They form some of the cutting edge theories of the very nature of the universe and hence are not easy to understand.

The talk was directed, not so much towards Gerard ‘t Hooft’s past contributions, but more towards where he believes the future of Physics lies, therefore simply following the content of the talk was challenging.

Year 13 student and Head Boy Juan Jose Juan Castella along with Year 12 students Antonio Verdu Tomas, Stella Simons and Victor Gallego attended. After the conference Juan Jose was able to not only grasp some of the finer points of the material but was able to enter into discussion about implications.

The disturbing part of the concepts presented was the argument that “human free will” does not exist when we consider experiments into the nature of the universe….. a great source of debate even among the foremost Physicists of today. And hence a source of debate in the return journey in the car!!!

Russell Hollingworth

Physics Teacher