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Parents with Medical Professions Visit Foundation 1

12th November 18

During Spanish lessons Foundation 1 have been working on the Letter T. As part of their work they talked about ‘Dr T’ who would teach them good habits in hygiene and healthy eating. To complete the activities they invited some of the parents, who are involved in the medical profession, to visit and and help F1 with their learning. Ada’s parents showed the pupils some of the instruments and materials used by nurses. All of the wounds in the class were cured!! Julia’s mum explained about some of the equipment she used as a Doctor in a hospital and then Dr Begonia, Greta’s mum, visited Foundation 1 children to tell them about the importance of healthy eating. She told them about the different vitamin groups and which food belonged in each group. The children then completed an activity where they had to put different food into the right vitamin group which tested their listening skills very well.

They enjoyed having the parents visit them and learnt a lot about healthy eating, and the equipment and materials used by doctors and nurses!

Thank you to all of the parents who gave up their valuable time to help Foundation 1 to learn so much about health.


To see a video from the visits click on the following link:

To see photos of Foundation 2 pupils click on the following link: