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Foundation 2 Visit Javea

27th November 18

F2 pupils are working on the topic of people who work in a trade and people who help us. To support their learning, they went on an excursion to the fish market of Jávea. Whilst there, Moisés explained how the fish auction worked and how they manage to keep the fish fresh until delivery. He also described the method they use to catch the octopus! Afterwards, F2 visited the Municipal Library of Jávea. The local Police helped them to cross the street safely. Whilst in the library, Paco helped them to find books and explained how the library system worked. The children read and looked at many books and enjoyed being part of the wonderful world of reading! To end this very busy and wonderful day the pupils enjoyed games in the Municipal Sports Centre of Jávea, where they used up any energy they had left. Good job F2!

Mrs. Caravaca and Mrs. Aliaga.

For pictures of Foundation 2’s visit to the Javea Port please click on the image below: