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Year 4 Teacher, Nicola Baker, to Visit Finnish Schools

20th October 18

Finland has for many years now been acknowledged as delivering one of the best education systems in the world. It has therefore, for a long time, been a dream of mine to visit Finnish schools to see what they are doing there that makes their education so great. So, when ISP announced the Federico Olivie Award, which gives an opportunity for professional development, I decided to apply and see if, as part of my role as the leader for the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), I could undertake a research visit to Finland. I am incredibly excited to have been awarded this opportunity. The purpose of this research visit is to find out how schools in Finland deliver their curriculum: how it is planned for, taught and assessed. My aim is to gain some fresh and hopefully innovative ideas; to see best practice, so that we can further improve the enriching and exciting curriculum we already deliver here at LES. I will be visiting two different schools in two different cities, visiting classes across a range of ages. I am certain that I will gain a wealth of information and ideas that could benefit us here at the Lady Elizabeth School.

Nicola Baker

Year 4 Teacher

IPC Coordinator