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Three Top Students Together in Manchester

1st October 18

It is always nice to find out where our past students are and what they are doing. Four students who left at the end of June, 2018, deserve a special mention. They were not only excellent academically, but they also committed to school life by participating in several extra-curricular activities including sport, the Model United Nations, mentoring and charity work. They were always happy to help their peers and the younger members of the student body. 

All four students received Honours at the end of their A Level Course in June 2018. 

Vinicius Juan de Albuquerque started at LES in 2016 and completed his A Levels. He showed great potential right from the beginning and demonstrated that he was a dedicated and bright student. He chose to study Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics and Spanish along with the Spanish system ‘Fase Voluntaria de la Selectividad’, where he also undertook studies in ‘Matemáticas Puras y Física’. By studying under both systems he kept his options open and it give him the best opportunities and choices for his future studies. Vini had the option to study in Valencia in Industrial Electronics and Automation or to go to Manchester to study Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Experience. In the end he decided to go to Manchester where he is currently studying at the moment. 

Adrian Luthi also joined LES in 2016 at the beginning of A Level. He studied Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Spanish and Geography. He received outstanding results and has followed his dream of studying at Manchester University. 

Blai Morte Pérez started at The Lady Elizabeth School at a very early age. All the way through his school years he received awards in both academic and sporting areas. During A Level he chose to study Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Spanish in addition to Spanish Selectividad subjects; Mathematics and Physics. His first preference for University was to complete a degree in Aerospace Engineering in Valencia and that is exactly what he is doing. Well done Blai! 

Juan Francisco Vallés Llobell joined LES during Secondary School and his first challenge was to learn English. Juan is very dedicated to say the least and it didn’t take him long to learn English and enjoy school in general. His A Level subjects were; Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics. He also decided to continue with his Spanish curriculum taking Mathematics and Physics in preparation for Selectividad. He had the options of going to Valencia University or Autonomous University of Madrid to study a Degree in Physics, but he followed his dream of going to the University of Manchester where he is now studying Physics with Theoretical Physics. 

Congratulations to all of these boys and we wish them all the best in their studies. It is great that three of them have ended up in the same university where their friendship will continue and grow even stronger.