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Perfect Scores in Selectividad

24th July 18

Congratulations to Vinicius de Albuquerue, Juan Francisco Vallés, Blai Morte and Adrian Luthi for receiving Spanish University scholarships due to their outstanding results in the Spanish system. To receive this type of scholarship, (a reduction in fees at university), students need to attain a 9 or above for the two Bachillerato years. All four students achieved this with Adrian securing a perfect 10 score. 

The Spanish Section would also like to congratulate Physics students, Juan Francisco Vallés, Vinicius de Albuquerque and Blai Morte who achieved a 10 in Selectividad. The Spanish Section and the rest of the school are very proud of the perseverance, dedication and effort of our students and the work done by the Physics teacher, Mrs. P. Catalá.

Congratulations and we wish them all the best for their future studies.