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Warrior Race

26th June 18

Year 7 to Year 10 pupils, and some brave staff members, were put through the paces when they completed a Warrior Race after the Swimming Gala. Each team had to carry another team member up the steep slope from the swimming pool to the back court. They then had to drag heavy tyres around a short course, complete a tricky obstacle course in the gym, which required agility, strength and team work, and finally run back to the pool and swim dragging a team member in a life buoy two lengths of the pool – 50 metres. The event showed great team work and spirit and all competitors had a lot of fun. Some pupils, and staff, completed the course more than once – maybe it should be even harder next year!!

Thank you to Sr Martín for organising the event as everyone enjoyed it and thank you also for the staff who helped with marshalling the event!

For more photos click on the Flickr link below: