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'On the Move' Walk – A Great Achievement!

2nd May 18

Over 300 pupils, staff, parents and friends of The Lady Elizabeth School completed a 20 kilometre charity walk from the current Secondary School in Llíber all the way to the new Secondary development on the Cumbre del Sol. The atmosphere during the walk was one of excitement and determination as everyone strove to reach the end. Friends shared a common goal and all participants came together to show the strong spirit and values that epitomise our School. A massive 5 000 euros was raised which was generously matched by International Schools Partnership. A grand total in excess of 10 000 euros will go to the children of the Makimei Orphanage in Kenya. A fantastic achievement! 

This event was a lot more than just a sponsored walk, an exciting new building and being able to help others …. it signified a young person’s passion to make a difference; the tragic loss of three special people; the determination to make a difference and the demonstration of the love and respect that every pupil, teacher and member of staff at the Lady Elizabeth School has for those it has recently lost.  The ‘On the Move’ Charity Walk was in loving memory of Teacher, Mrs Pilar Gaughan, Head Girl, Tallulah Beard and ex-pupil, Lucas Manzanares.

Behind every great event is a great organiser! A very special thank you to Mr Philip Baldwin for his hard work and determination to get the event off the ground. The ‘On the Move’ Charity Walk was an event that was enjoyed by all and it will be remembered for a very long time. 

The Lady Elizabeth School would also like to extend a sincere thank you to our generous sponsors, Bay Radio and Javea 1 Inmobiliaria. 

Without the support of the local authorities the walk would not have been possible. We would like to thank the Local Police, The Town Halls for their help and cooperation, the Cruz Roja and the Ambulance Service and the Protección Civil. They provided an excellent service and helped ensure the safety of the hundreds of participants.

We were fortunate to have the expertise of parent, Verena Geis, who is a professional photographer and drone pilot. She kindly filmed the event from the air and also took a number of still shots and put together a fantastic video which can be seen by clicking on the photograph below. Thank you to Verena who worked tirelessly to get the video completed!

For photos and other videos please click on the photo below.