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Yellow House Easter Events

12th April 18

The Yellow House team worked extremely hard to organise several events for the end of term. One of those included trying to identify teachers from baby photos. There were some obvious ones, however, a lot were difficult and the answers were very interesting!! There was also an Easter Quiz and a giant Easter basket full of chocolate and other treats was raffled.

The assembly at the end of the day was a very special one. It was time to say goodbye to our hugely respected Headmaster, Mr Wijeratne. We wish him all the best in the future! He will be missed very much. 

During the assembly our A Cappella Singing Group, led by Mrs Harkness-Post, sang two beautiful African songs in support of Yellow House’s chosen charity: African Orphanage, Makimei. The whole school then assembled on the back sports court where the choir sang whilst over 200 yellow balloons were released in memory of Mrs Gaughan, who, before her sad passing, was Head of Yellow House.

Thank you to Mrs Harkness-Post for organising such a beautiful assembly and memorial to Mrs Gaughan. Once again Greta Gridinaite did a fantastic job helping with running the activities for Yellow House and should be congratulated for her continued hard work and her tireless effort in helping with school events such as these. A special thank you also to Mr Lopes and his Tutor Group who spent time filling the balloons with helium and coming up a plan of how to release them.

Nearly 1000 Euros was raised for Makimei! Congratulations to everyone who was involved – it was very special!

Please take time to watch the videos below.

Click on the image below to see the releasing of the balloons in memory of Mrs Gaughan:


Click on the images below to watch the A Cappella choir in action:

Photos from the afternoon.

Standing ovation for Mr Wijeratne (below)