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On The Move Charity Walk

16th April 18

On the move” –  several hundred pupils, moving to a new school building, plan to raise funds for children of the Makimei Orphanage, Kenya, to be able to go to school too! 

On Friday 20 April, 2018 – several hundred pupils, together with staff and some parents, will set off on a 20 km walk which will epitomise the heart and soul and the real values of The Lady Elizabeth School. 

The idea came from Head of Pastoral Care, Mr Philip Baldwin. The planned move from existing buildings to a brand new Secondary development later this year presents an exciting challenge for a 20km walk in one day for the whole school to take part in.  It also gives the pupils an opportunity to raise funds for children less fortunate than themselves.

However, this is more than just a story about a sponsored walk, an exciting new building and being able to help others …. it is the story of a young person´s passion to make a difference; the tragic loss of two special people; the determination to make a difference and the demonstration of the love and respect that every pupil, teacher and member of staff at the Lady Elizabeth School has for those it has recently lost.  This walk is in their memory.

Please look at the Back Story to discover the reasons behind such an important event: A Walk From the Heart

For the Itinerary click on the follwing link: Itinerary

For further details of the walk click on the following link: ‘On the Move’

For the map of the route click on the following link: On the Move Route Map

Start of the Walk – the back of Secondary School in Llíber

Walking through the grapevines Llíber to Senija

Path to Senija

First View of the Cumbre

Walking Up to the Cumbre

Nearly there! Stunning views

And finally ….. the new Secondary Building