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UK World Book Day

5th March 18

Last week, pupils of the Laude Lady Elizabeth Primary School celebrated UK World Book Day and their love of reading through a whole range of activities such as discussion & debate, drawing, painting, drama, role play, music, performance poetry, crafts and, of course, reading!  PN1 and PN2 went on a sensory Bear Hunt and much to their delight, found a huge bear! F1 put their sculpting skills to practice and created their own SuperWorms whilst F2 went out to sea to see what they had Lost and Found. The children in ESOL spent time finding Spot – no one is sure if we found him – so we are still asking Where´s Spot?  Following a silvery trail and saving a whale fell to Year 1 who went on a journey around the world with The Snail and the Whale – they´re still not home, but we expect them anytime soon.  Year 2 explored the wide world of transport and using their research and editing skills put together a report on their chosen method of transport whilst Year 3 went on a journey of discovery with a furry companion or two with Meerkat Mail.  The Pig´s Knickers, comic books of the voyage of Captain Cook, Voices in the Park and Jack and the Beanstalk were the books explored by Year 4. We strongly suspect, by the mess of leaves and beans left, that Jack had been kidnapped by the Giant and Jack´s worried Mother was seen frantically looking for him in the corridors! Between them, Year 5 performed The Tin Can Band, produced a short piece of drama using Dinosaurs and All that Rubbish as inspiration and delved into the dark world of Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Bad Beginning.  Finally, Year 6 discovered that fear of the unknown can be conquered by even the smallest person through The Black Dog, created finger puppets of the characters in Holes, performed a short piece from the autobiography titled One Beetle Too Many about the life of Charles Darwin and got under the skin of Varjak Paw.  It was an extraordinarily busy day packed with many fun and exciting activities and we are all looking forward to our next event – International World Book Day on Monday 23rd April.

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