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First ISP Model United Nations Conference at LES

5th March 18

Delegates, who attended the first International School Partnership Model United Nations Conference, (a simulation of an actual United Nations Conference), in Spain, should take great pride in the commitment and dedication they demonstrated when advocating their chosen country’s beliefs and preferences in relation to the current global topics which were discussed in each of the seven committees. Over 150 students, from ISP schools in Mexico, Dubai, The United States of America and Spain, debated and voted for resolutions relating to issues such as: denuclearisation in North Korea, equal education, access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, cutting all sources of finance of terrorist groups and preventing illegal drugs production, trafficking and consumption, just to name a few.

The ISPMUN two day conference, held at The Lady Elizabeth School, commenced with a superb Opening Ceremony held at ‘La Casa de Cultura “Jaume Pastor i Fluixà”‘ in Calpe. LES dancers and the Secondary School Choir impressed the audience with their stunning and colourful performances with over 30 country flags being waved during each song and the dance. Speakers included, Mr Nick Rugg, ISP Regional Director of Europe, Mr Richard Wijeratne, Headmaster of LES, and keynote speaker, ex-pupil Janneke Feenstra, who is currently working for Caselex in Brussels. Secretary General of the conference, 6th Form student Maria Alonso, was passionate in her address to delegates and delighted to declare the conference open.

During the ISPMUN conference delegates showed remarkable knowledge and resolve in their understanding of the topics under discussion and it was evident that they had conducted appropriate research into their country’s ideals. For some it was their first ever MUN, however, they soon overcame any nerves and their confidence grew as they became more familiar with the procedure and the running of the MUN. MUN conferences are held all over the world and are a perfect platform for participants to learn researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, along with teamwork, and leadership abilities. The ISPMUN provided the same opportunities for the visiting delegates. It was a fantastic training event for the future as it is hoped many of the delegates may go on to make a difference in the world with careers involving politics or international relations. Secretary General, Maria Alonso, stated that “participating in the Model United Nations is really valuable for students. When they want to go to University, saying that you have been in a MUN event shows that you have broadened your horizons, you are aware of global issues, that you are interested in the world and making it a better place”

Mr Richard Wijeratne, Headmaster of The Lady Elizabeth School also commented on the MUN and said “’The coming together of a number of schools who attended the MUN Conference, hosted by The Lady Elizabeth School, displayed commitment to international education and debate that is at the heart of the International Schools Partnership group. All staff and pupils involved should be commended on their outstanding commitment to making the conference such a success.”

Mrs Maria Wickman, Head of Sixth Form said, ‘It was a fantastic opportunity to bring students and teachers together from different ISP Schools from around the world. The delegates discussed and debated serious topical global issues but at the same time had a lot of fun!”


As stated by Mrs Wickman, a MUN is not just about the debating and serious discussions. It is also a chance for pupils from different corners of the globe to make new friends, experience different cultures and to make lasting friendships and contacts. The social event on Friday night was an opportunity for all delegates to mix in a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. The event finished on Saturday with the Closing Ceremony being held at the LES Secondary School Theatre. The atmosphere in the theatre was electric with some delegates being presented with certificates for Best Delegates and Honourable Delegates, and all delegates being awarded with a certificate of participation. Afterwards a paella lunch was enjoyed by delegates, chairs, directors, the behind the scenes ‘crew’ and the security officers. A fabulous few days were had by everyone who was involved!  

The theme during the ISPMUN was “Together we can make a difference”. Young people are the future and the more we can engage them in world affairs the better it is for society in the future. 

Congratulations to all students and staff who made the MUN such a huge success!

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