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Mother Tongue Day

26th February 18

Mother Tongue Day in the Secondary School was a day where students and staff were able to share their cultures, food, traditions and of course language with other students and staff from different nationalities. It was an opportunity to sample tasty foods from all around the world, view presentations about different cultures, hear translations from English into other languages, listen to folk tales in their original language and to experience traditional dance first hand. Lessons in Chinese and Dutch, given by students, gave an insight into the languages and cultures of these countries. During the Chinese lesson words and phrases were written in Chinese calligraphy and translated into English for the other students to see how a greeting such as ‘hello’ could be represented by a series of Chinese letters – very different to the way in which it would be written in their own language.

It was a very informative day with so many students proud to give an insight into their own languages, food and cultures!

To view photos from Mother Tongue Day click on the image below: