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Red House Donation to Condenados Al Bordillo

31st January 18

Head of Red House, Sr Estrada, and Red House student representatives were delighted to present Jaime Higueras, the President of Condenados Al Bordillo in Denia, with a 1000 Euro donation. Condenados Al Bordillo is a volunteer based association which organises clubs and sporting activities for people with disabilities. They provide specialised equipment and personnel to ensure that disabled people in the area have the opportunity to participate in sporting and other activities that, without the support of Condenados Al Bordillo, they may not have had. Sr Higueras also organises work placements for people with disabilities and supports employers with anything which is needed to help with the placements. Condenados Al Bordillo rely on volunteers to continue to provide the invaluable service for disabled people and are always very appreciative of donations to help buy equipment and other specialist materials.

Sr Higueras is very grateful for the pupils at LES for their dedication in helping charities such as his organisation.