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Learning Experiences Pre-Nursery 2

29th January 18

The children from Pre-Nursery 2 experienced a new material to paint on, cling film.  

They were very excited to try it and listened to classical music to add to the experience. It had a very calming effect upon the children as they guided their brushes through the paint, over the plastic. They especially enjoyed seeing their friends through the opposite sides.  

Some children discovered how smooth and slippery the paint felt on the plastic by painting their hands and then making marks upon it. 

This learning experience shows how important it is as an Early Years Practitioner, to allow children the time to explore, discover and lead the way in their learning. 

Mrs Claire Mullock 

Teacher Pre-Nursery 2

To view a video of the children painting on the cling film go to the following Youtube link: Learning Experiences Pre-Nursery 2