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Anti-Bullying Week Campaign

17th November 17

At LES we take bullying very seriously. As part of ‘Anti-Bullying Week’, we have been running a number of initiatives in the Senior School to raise awareness of bullying, to make it clear that bullying behaviour is not tolerated in our school and to make sure that everyone knows what to do in cases of suspected bullying.

Discouraging bullying behaviour and dealing with suspected cases of bullying requires cooperation between all parts of the school community, in particular teachers, pupils and parents. 

We have written a new more comprehensive and clearer Anti-Bullying Policy which can be viewed by opening the following link: Anti-Bullying Policy 2017

During Anti-Bullying Week we celebrated what makes us All Different, All Equal. Pupils produced a video where students and staff gave their opinions on how they thought people were different but should be treated as equal.

To view the video go to the following Youtube Link: All Different, All Equal at LES

Last year a beautiful video was made about ‘Beautiful People’ with the ethos being: ‘Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a compliment, or the smallest act of caring all of which have the potential to turn life around.’ We would like to share that video with you also: Beautiful People Video