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Beach Cleanup

20th October 17

Students and staff from The Lady Elizabeth Junior and Senior School attended the 3rd beach cleanup event, “Per una mar neta”. There were approximately 200 volunteers, 50 of those diving, who helped to cleanup Denia beach. LES was the biggest independently organised group with 19 volunteers, 12 of which were divers. The divers dived in two groups, one with me and the other with Sra Gonzalez. The group that cleaned on foot went with a guide from OK Aventuras. Our youngest ‘helper’ was Harrison Noble, from the Junior School, who filled a rubbish bag which was as big as he was!

The result was quite positive as the coastline was fairly clean and so rubbish was collected but not a great amount.
The town council put on drinks and lunch to thank the volunteers, t-shirts and a free guide to the coastal life.

Thank you for all who attended to help make the environment around us a better place.

Mr Russell Hollingworth

Science Teacher and Marine Biologist