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TJMUN Last Days – Mexico

13th March 17

On Friday, the last day of TJMUN 2017, the delegates finalised their resolutions in groups of three. The groups were called sponsors.  If their committee agreed with the possible resolution, the sponsors defended it in one of the two General Assemblies, who’s members would then vote whether to pass it or not. The motive of the result was explained to the sponsors by a volunteer of the GA.

During the closing ceremony, the respective secretaries and undersecretaries for each committee presented the awards.

We congratulate Shan Shan Zhou ChenNewton College and David Fernàndez MenéndezPdG for being awarded Honorable Delegate respectively and María Alonso GarcíaLES as well as María Suero SanjoséSan Pedro School both for the Best Delegate award! 

14 students and four awards – excellent!!

In the evening Roberto Rangel, one of the host students, invited our delegates to a good-bye party to his house. From what I have heard it was great fun.

On Saturday, the host families brought their guests back to TJ School, our meeting point from where we were taken to the airport for our flight back to Spain.

During our stay, it became clear from the start that the Mexican host families not only made our delegates feel welcome but treated them as if they were their children, brothers or sisters. Our students established such a warm relation with their respective hosts that consequently right after the goodbye photo there were emotional hugs, promises to visit each other and tears, tears, and more tears.  

Goodbye México!

Today, Sunday at Madrid airport, we all had to say goodbye to each other and the emotions emerged again because what began ten days ago as an academic journey of young students from different schools converted into a group of strongly united friends with a true group feeling. Our students are Laude students!

Our delegates forged an international, emotional and academic relation. A huge Thank You to the ISP team who made this privileged, enriching and amazing journey possible!

Frau Annaliese Brown