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Public Speaking Competition Alicante

27th March 17

Sadie Malcolmson, Charlotte Yeowart and Season Wang from the Year 10 Public Speaking Class, accompanied by Mrs Suzanne Millington and Sra Josefa Triviño, attended the ‘Fundacion Educativa’ Public Speaking Competition in Alicante. The competition was held at the Business School in Alicante with other rounds taking place all around the country. The topic was Cultural Integration. The students prepared speeches around the topic and were required to do three rounds of speeches.  The first one was judged for the actual delivery of the speech. The second round was an impromptu round where students were required to incorporate a word given at the time. The third and final round was also impromptu and students had to base their speech on a photograph which they were given.  

Only four finalists were chosen to return on the 3rd of May for the regional final. The successful students will then travel to Valencia at the end of May where the National Champion will be announced.  

Both Sadie and Charlotte were chosen as finalists out of the schools who participated.  

Well done to all students and good luck to Sadie and Charlotte with the final.